Worldwide Teds

The teddy boy in other countries.


French teds 1

The teddy boy movement has spread to many other countries.Spain,Germany,France, even to Brazil.On this page we will try to capture the life of the teddy boy in other countries.


Last modified on June 9, 2014

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  1. Francesc Josep Says:

    Hi Friends,
    I have many photos of Teds late 80s and early 70s today also, I myself am a Teddy Boy, am I in all this since the late 70s, I was member of the Riot Rockers Fan Club (France) in the 80s, but also the Crazy Cavan and the Rhyhm Rockers (France), if you are interested I can send you fots of those years and today, I have more than 25 years as a DJ of 50s Rock and Roll, I have my space: also I have a channel at: for nothing if you want pictures you send me an e-mail and the shipping will without any problem.
    Rockin’regards from Catalonia
    DJ Eddie Cesc

  2. johnniejack Says:

    Hi Eddie.Please contact me at

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