The Edwardian Drape Society (T.E.D.S)

Founder members.Dixie Anne Hodges & Susie Prince (Founders / creators of T.E.D.S.)

Ritchie Gee (President / Leader of T.E.D.S.)

Frankie Knuckles (Vice President of T.E.D.S.)

Richard Thomson (DJ at the early meetings before Ritchie Gee took over Leadership of T.E.D.S. and it moved on to The Tennessee Club)

David Begent (he ran the T.E.D.S. ‘Port & Cigars’ evenings.West End (London) pub crawls where Teddy Boys went,but no girls were allowed)


 In 1992 we heard about a venue in Clerkenwell,London EC1 that was going to be organised by something called T.E.D.S. (The Edwardian Drape Society) by the two lovely Rockin sisters Susie Prince & Dixie Hodges.We also heard,that you must dress in only original 50s Ted attire to gain entry and be a member. Me & my mate Russian Danny thought this sounded great,so we went along in November 1992 & were welcomed with open arms by Susie & Dixie.Apparently we were the first one’s in Susie told me recently. I guess there were around 20 of us in T.E.D.S. at this time.Richard Thomson was the DJ at these ‘early’ meetings. It was still very exclusive at this time. Dave Begent used to organise ‘Port & Cigar’ nights for T.E.D.S. These were for the Teddy Boys only.The Teddy Girls were not allowed at these West End of London pub crawls.(We thought they’d soften our ‘tough’ image when we invaded these ‘non-Rockin’ pubs).We’d meet them later at the normal T.E.D.S. meets. T.E.D.S. was such a success I think it was outgrowing itself and becoming too to ‘insular’ to achieve it’s real goal of changing the image of Teds back to it’s original very stylish,generally forgotten look of the 50s. That’s when very prominent member Ritchie Gee was given the reigns as President of T.E.D.S. & in 1993 opened his (now legendary) ‘Tennessee Club’ at The White Hart in White Hart Lane,Tottenham,North London. This was the new home of T.E.D.S. & although nearly all the Teds in there dress in original 1950s style it was not restricted to members only.In one way,the end of an era.But in another way,the start of an era.As Ritchie’s club caught the media’s attention and so really spread the word of the ‘new’ old 50s style that most Teds now wear as standard. Many T.E.D.S. members (including myself) have been in magazines,TV appearances,ect related to The Tennessee Club. There was a short movie (4 mins) made by Bruce Webber in 1996 at The Tennessee Club ‘The Teddy Boys of The Edwardian Drape Society’. In the mid 90s it moved to The Kings Stables in Wood Green and later to Oakwood.Closing in 2001. Ritchie became the manager of Bill Haley’s Comets and concentrates on his brilliant Ted weekenders ‘Wildest Cats In Town’ where T.E.D.S. lives on. WE ARE THE T.E.D.S.!!!!! LONG LIVE THE TEDS!!!!!

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