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Saturday, February 23rd, 2013


Welcome to the The Great British Teddy Boy website. A website dedicated to the British Teddy Boy history and culture.




My name is  John Facer aka Johnnie Jack Daniels I am  75 years old and have been a Teddy Boy from the very first,now classed as an original teddy boy.

I became a ted after seeing a tall guy running for a bus in a strange (to me) suit.The following week I managed to talk to him to ask what was that ‘get up’ he was wearing.he told me it was an Edwardian teddy boy suit that was popular with lads in London where he was working at the time.I was hooked,I had to be a teddy boy.A friend and I went to a tailor named Panters to have one made.I tried to get it as near to the style as the bloke who influenced me.It was a finger tip,black Baratha cloth,four buttoned suit.This has pocket flaps and turn ups.Velvet on the collar only, with 2″ turn ups on the cuffs.For this I paid a weekly sum, also known as ‘on the drip’ by us lads in Northampton.

Enjoy the website and if you have any comments please use the comments section on the pages.